Smoke in BGE

Hey Blender noobs.

Been messing with Blender for a while and to be honest, i was quite disappointed when i had to learn
few years ago that
it is not possible to overlay smoke from Render to BGE even with overlay scenes.
But what i found out just lately was that if you add one icosphere and flip its normals inside out.
And then add a point light inside of it with tick for sphere in lights options and adjusting its energy with distance , then by tweaking spheres materials and transparency
along with adjusting some of its intensity and other tweaks you should be able to come up with a nice
3D blob which is pretty smoof from any angle You move up to it.
Only thing is that if you add two while more than 1 light is present
it would reflect the other lights in it and ruin the effect.
For that i guess few more overlay scenes should be added in order for them not to share their light reflection.
And by adding movements to them along with scaling, anyone should be able to come up with amazing smoke effect and other type of effects by changing the materials color, shapes and size along with motions. This thing worked only in GLSL mode by the way.

Quite a motivating discovery i’ve made today which is totally amazing.

Peace :v:

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