Smoke in the 3D Viewport

Hey guys,

It seems that with the smoke sim, most people are seeing it fine in the 3d viewport, but are having problems rendering it. I’m having the opposite problem. I seem to be able to render the smoke just fine, but I can’t see it in the 3d viewport - only the particles appear. I’m running the same build on both my laptop and my desktop, and my laptop shows the smoke in the 3d viewport no problem, but my desktop (the comp i use to render cause my laptop sucks) doesn’t show the smoke. I have now tried no less than 4 different builds of blender hoping it might have been a glitch with the build, but keep having the same problem…HELP!

Can you reproduce the problem in a small file and upload it here or a site like It will certainly help folks debug your problem.

I guess I could, however, the blend file would be little more than your generic plane emitter within a cube domain…

Please do so anyway. Sometimes it’s a subtle change in the process that makes all the difference. Alternatively, we may find that it’s more of a hardware problem than anything else. Without seeing the file, it’s certainly more difficult to be sure.

Turns out i had to update my video card drivers…

I got windows 7 on my computer last week or so and I’m having the same issues. Do I need to update my drivers?