smoke in the game engine

Hi! how could i make some white smoke in the game engine? i need something that looks as much as possible as the smoke you see when the water is boiling.

I’ve uploaded a particle system for the game engine on my server. You can use it if you want, to get the file, use BlenderSources (check topic) :smiley:

Thanks!!! i downloaded it and when i start the engine i see the particles moving. I’ve started using Blender a few weeks ago and i really don’t know nothing about python and particle systems yet. How could i use the particle system to make smoke? i think i need a texture, what i see now are the particles moving %|

You can modify some properties if you select the empty of it. I also tryed to use it for my game, but I couldn’t remake it, maybe you can ask Sutabi about that, he’s the actual creator of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Please help me with the smoke :frowning: i can’t do it
or where can i find some .blend with smoke for the game engine?

i took a search and i found this, did you search??

THANKS!!! i’ve search a lot but i think that not enough

it’s very interesting for me but not work :frowning:

it does, you just have to wait some secounds.

doesnt work J ;). id like to see it tho :P.

Hm… My particle script should be enough for water smoke, you just need the right texture and the right movements. Problem was the code is really messy and has lots of improvements its could use. I was working a better version a while ago til my computer died. Its not even based on physics.

Also the version uploaded is a much older version then I remeber last working on… Since I have nothing todo today ill go ahead and work on it and upload to the game server (btw the game server is awsome!!!)

The script:

Please not its doesn’t work in 2.34, ill work on that as well

Wow after a lil bit of diging, it comes to my attention I will need to build by scratch!

Although is better because since I can gather all the particles and run them all from one script instead of many pthon script (making it faster), all thanks to kester with the new blender ge api additions. Also I can add in physics instead of what ever I used last time ^_-…

you have to wait thil it updaits again, dident i say that? it works

Its not very functional al this point and not many varibles have been applied…

For blender 2.34

Still looks good. Nice work.