smoke is black

hey guys!.)
i was attempting to make a smoke and following all instructions from Andrew Price’s Smoke simulation tutorial (thx,nice tutorial btw .) . But my smoke is all black and looks totally different from the one in the tutorial(that is gray and transparent).
I’m not rendering it yet,i’m talking about what i see in view-port.
Sorry, my english is not enough to explain my problem very good,so i attached a screenshot to show my problem.
what did i do wrong?..



You need to have a point light in your scene when the smoke is baked.

it is gray now,thx.))
but why isn’t it transparent?even with high resolution baking it looks very rough and has no transparency at all.

The bigger the bounding-box is, the denser the smoke will be. So try scaling the whole scene down.

thanks,it’s finally getting looking better!.))