SMoke issues

I’ve made a smoke simulation, when I run it with ALt-a it works, however when I try to render it will not render. I selected materials, textures, set domain, applied particles etc. I’ve googled and searched this in the forums but been unable to solve it. I tried to redo it a couple times but gave up. I made a quick simulation in the middle of my project to try and figure out to no success, any help would be great!


nomansland2.blend (597 KB)

If you set the World Background Color to Black, you will see that your smoke is actually rendering (at least on my system it is). Your smoke is grey and the background color is grey, kind of hard to see. Also, you will need to add a material to the sandbags and set that material to Receive Transparent shadows or you will get the shadow of the domain cube cast upon them instead of the shadow of the smoke.


Thank you… never thought of the background…