Smoke Needed for Spaceship.

We are working on a film called Extinction of Another Kind. To be filmed in Atlanta in about 2 weeks. The opening shot is of a spaceship crashing to the planet. Then a side shot I am working on now. The side shot will zoom in on the spaceship, and get much more intense.

Here is the shot I need it done for.

What I need right now is someone who could animate smokeā€¦and maybe fire for the 2ed shot. Particle system stuff I have never been good at. :confused:

If you cant do it maybe you can point me to a cheap way. (besides blender, I dont know how to use blender article system .)

The director wants the camera to be shaky and rough. I have no ideaā€¦ what would be the best way to add smokeā€¦ maybe fireā€¦ and junk flying off it. I have After Effects 6 and Element3Dā€¦ The model is E3D and then the planet is a image, made 3D, then the camera shakes and zooms in.

I am kind of at a lossā€¦ any help would be appreciated guys!!

Here is the first shot.

Well if no one helps you, try this out.

I would be interested, I sent you a message.