Smoke Never Renders (2.61)

I’m trying out the Smoke simulator and I cannot get anything to Render. I followed the instructions on several YouTube tutorials (Ira Krakow and this one) and I also sought help from a very competent user at BlenderQA. So far, nothing.

Here’s the .Blend and screencaps. If anybody can explain to me why it’s not rendering, I’d appreciate it.

I’m pretty sure that smoke from this tutorial will work:


I also don’t get smoke rendered, not sure why.

But 1 thing in that firework-show tutorial is that there is no collision object.

So maybe try load factory settings and then render it.

If the program had to be at factory settings to achieve this effect, then the effect would virtually never work, because I believe that most all users divert from the factor settings in one way or another.

For myself, the only deviations from the factory settings that I know of are some cosmetic control issues and then the enabling of some add-ons. I do not believe that these are causing the smoke simulator to fail, although if there is a logical reason to believe otherwise, I’ll be happy to hear it.

So i have no idea how to fix that.


One thing spinning in my mind about smoke particles as i watch the tutorials i always see smoke particles displayed inside domain and smoke rendered in same region as particles.

But my smoke particles (displayed as point) are all out of domain.
But in 3d viewport smoke is visible in correct position when i scale my whole scene 10-20 times biger (default domain i baked it in 0.36x0.36x0.14 meter domain).

Now when i want smoke particles rendered as object mesh, all they will be out of domain and not there where smoke is.

Particles displayed with point don’t know any force sources and collisions.
All they know is initial velocity, normal speed, Rotation, timestep and subframes.

Im not sure if this will solve your problem, but heres a link to a Blenderguru tutorial on smoke simulation.

He shows how to make,bake, and render smoke. I know its 2.5 but you should still be able to use it.


i’m gonna add to @polygobblerr 's post what i read from Flamethrower (also 2.5) tutorial comments:

                                                cbnewham                                September 1, 2011 at 4:58 pm                     [#](                                                                             
                                                                 This tutorial won’t work in Blender 2.59 because the smoke does not appear in the render, as others have observed above.

Having played around and compared this with another smoke tutorial for 2.59 that works, I can see that the problem appears to lie in the order in which the plane’s physics and particles are created. Creating the particles and then assigning the physics (as this tutorial does) doesn’t produce a render. Assigning the physics (which automagically then creates a particles panel) does work.
However, as I’m so new to Blender I cannot get the result to look like this tutorial.
It would be nice to know if this is a bug in Blender 2.59 or a “feature” of the Tutorial that just happened to work in earlier versions.

                                                cbnewham                                September 1, 2011 at 5:45 pm                     [#](                                                                             
                                                                 Just an expansion on what I said above: while it renders the  smoke I cannot get it in colour (after setting the ramp values on the  second texture and checking multiply) More bizarrely, the camera renders  the scene at 90 degrees to where the camera (and camera view when I  press NUM0) is looking.
                                                cameron newham                                September 1, 2011 at 8:29 pm                     [#](                                                                             
                                                                 Final comment – I completed the tutorial successfully. However,  Blender 2.59 is very finicky as to the order in which you set it up. My  suggestion is to set up the domain box first and set the textures and  materials. Then add the smoke producing plane and set it up as per this  tutorial.

I tested the order
1’st domain then textures and material then smoke object.
This also didn’t work

Can it be related to
Edit no, i use 2.61 now, not 2.62

It’s for sure known voxel texture scale / transformation bug.

Are you sure raytracing ist on? volume materials require raytracing.


Well, I went to the BlenderGuru video that was referred to here by fpsgod17, followed each and every one of his settings to the T…and finally got smoke in the Render!

I’ve done this twice on two separate files, so I’m fairly confident that these settings will produce something visible each time.

Hello DavidBrennan.

I am not very experienced with 3d or Blender so take my advice with a grain of salt.
I also apologize ahead of time, I don’t know how knowledgeable you are or are not on the matters presented, and my post reflects that.

I looked at your .blend file from your original post, and I noticed a number of things that could affect
your rendering of smoke.

  • Within the Influence panel of your smoke domain’s texture, the Density value needs to be enabled. Of course, given the image within your post #14, you already know this.

  • Your smoke domain has a particle system. I am not completely sure why it has a particle system, but - within the Render panel the “Emitter” attribute is unchecked. Well, if the smoke domain doesn’t get rendered then neither will the smoke.

  • I’m not sure what system is used to map a Smoke domain object’s Scale and Dimensions to the smoke’s actual render(of course I haven’t looked into it either), but scaling an object while in “Edit Mode” can yield different render results than scaling it in “Object Mode”.

I did a - few - experiments, and it seems that the easiest way, or at least the first way that came to mind, to control the scaling of the - rendered - smoke is to only scale within “Object Mode”. When the smoke domain’s scale was exactly half it’s dimensions the rendered smoke seemed to match the scale and dimensions of the 3d View smoke, otherwise it did not seem to match. When scaling only in object mode the scale always remains half the dimensions.

  • Lastly, you may want to enable “Receive Transparent” for every material of every object within the Smoke domain. This allows materials to receive transparent shadows cast by other transparent objects. You can also use a number of other methods to see inside your domain, such as Ambient Occlusion, and Environment Lighting within the World context.

Good night!