Smoke not appearing in render

Ive made a scene, the smoke was added lastly.
in the blender render i made everything work, but with the smoke, it only appears in front of other objects if i have the domain selected, if it is not selected i can only see it from the background, (no objects blocking the view (in front/behind) the domain)
when i render, the smoke isnt there either…
if you need more infor just ask.

thank you.

if you need more infor just ask.
Details, details and more details. Most importantly you have not supplied any blend file that CLEARLY demonstrates your problem. Therefore no-one has any idea what your scene looks like, what materials you are using or your render settings.

The smoke can be seen with no object behind

But if i move the angel to the road,

smoke_help.blend (1.47 MB)

Any help…?

@Mr Modules
Well, about the smoke just appear when the domain is selected, until i know, is just that, there’s nothing you can do.
And about the smoke is not rendered, is because your material and texture in domain is wrong, there’s a easy way to create the material.

Follow this instructions :
1 - Create other cube in other layer.
2 - With the cube selected press Spacebar
3 - Search : “Quick Smoke” and press enter
(Now the material for render smoke was created automatically)
4 - Now you can delete the cubo who you created and the other cubo who was created automatically in the same layer.
5 - Now select your domain
6 - Go to materials of your domain
7 - Search this material who was created : “Smoke Domain Material” and select him
8 - Go to texture, select the first texture, go to “Voxel Data”, in “Domain” put the name of your domain.
9 - Go to the second texture and make the same as item 8.

It’s worked ?