Smoke not appears in cycles render

Hello! I used quick smoke from cycles and then rotated (90 degrees) to get the effect from the picture below (like exaust smoke) however when I rendered it nothing happens. I mean, it doesn’t show any smoke in the render itself. What am I missing? Thank you.

edit: it’s emitted from mesh, not particles. I just wanted a simple smoke and my project is already too ‘heavy’ to be manipulating and adding more particles to it, unfortunately.

What render settings ?
GPU or CPU ?
If GPU, CUDA or OpenCL ?
If you are rendering with OpenCL then smoke is not supported

Please suppply simplified demo blend file for review

Thank you for the reply, I’m using GPU since I’m on a MacBook Pro (retina) and it does better than using openCL from the intel iris , I don’t have a dedicated graphic board. How can I make the smoke work? :frowning:

I someone could help I’d be very glad. It’s the only thing I’m missing before render. :frowning:

That’s the node tree I get when using Quick Smoke with cycles --> 2.77
Maybe try another blender Release if this one isn’t working.

I have had this problem, this is what I have found; If you move your blend file to another dir. along with the cach-it wont work. If you cache mor then one domain at the same time some times I have problems. Playing from the beginning to create cach instead of using the physics tab I have better luck with also… Another thing I have had problems with is rendering said smoke in a timely manner. I have found the GPU to be much quicker. If your using fire/smoke then I have found that CPU makes a ton of fireflies though the GPU does not. And if you do decide to use fire you have to add a yellow color node to your add shader that has a space open, you may try doing that for just smoke also.

Can you explain better? So you’re saying that if I move to another directory and not bake it will result in a good render? You’re also saying to use GPU but I’m on a MacBook Pro which only has a Intel Iris Graphics 6100 (onboard graphic card) that’s why I see not advantage on it compared to the CPU (which seems to be rendering at faster times than GPU). Also, this GPU doesn’t work with Cycles at least so far. I really would like to have smoke in my scene but it’s been a really tough job to get it working.