Smoke not following properly

I have an emitter for smoke on a cigarette. If i animate the emitter by hand, the trail follows correctly leaving a nice smoke behind. On the other hand, if i try to parent the emitter to the cigarette or to use a location constraint the emitter follows the cigarette but the smoke acts ugly (following stiff behind the emitter, without leaving the correct trail).
Hope i was clear enough…any ideas on how to make the trail correctly display and follow without having to animate the emitter by hand (which is a pain)?

(blender 2.40)

the problem seem to arise when the animation is driven by an armature (in my case i have an empty following the hand, the cigarette following the empty and the smoke following the cigarette). No matter how i try, if the animation is driven by the armature it seems the smoke goes wrong. Guess i’ll have to animate it by hand :frowning:
…still no ideas?

A child will take both Loc and Rot from the parent. Better to use a Copy Location constraint which will only use Loc and your smoke will always be emitting up.


That is right, at least something. Anyway the particles are not trailing properly :frowning:

I had the same problem. The copy location constraint seems like it should work, (and so should single vertex parenting, as far as I can tell), but I wasn’t able to get it to work. My motions were simple enough that it wasn’t a big problem to animate them by hand, but if somebody gets a working example of nicely trailing smoke from a parented (or constrained) emitter I’d like to see it.