Smoke patterns?

Been watching this vid and the pattern suddenly changes, can’t work out what the changes are. Are there any tuts how to achieve any similar patterns with smoke ?

Can you elaborate, what kind of change in the pattern you mean? How does the best result you created so far look and in which way should it look differently?

Sorry for the delay. In the video the smoke goes straight up and then next scene is completely different and no idea how he got to that. And then not long after that again completely different.

You can use keyed particles to migrate from shape to shape and then use the results of the particle system for the smoke flow.

I assume the flow source is no just a single sphere moving upward. There are endless possibilities. One is what @Atom suggests, but you could also e.g. use shape keys to deform the sphere over time. Or add more flow objects, which you switch on/off as needed.

Thanks. I think he has added more objects.