Smoke previews but does not render

Hello there,

I have successfully set up my Smoke exactly as I want it, and it previews in the viewport just fine. The smoke is emitted from particles, which themselves are emitted from a vertex group of a mesh.

But when I render it, it simply comes out transparent.

I have 2 Render Layers:

  1. Smoke only.
  2. Smoke shadow only (using a shadows only material with ‘Receive Transparent’ etc so I can composite the smoke and its shadow onto a Cycles version of the same scene).

What is extra weird is that is was working fine before, now suddenly isn’t working.

Could it be something to do with caching/baking?

Could it be to do with ticking the particles ‘render emitter’? I want to see smoke but with the emitter masking out its own volume from the smoke so that when you comp it onto the Cycles version the smoke fits snug around the Cycles version of the emitting object.

Funny thing is, i had this problem before, but it suddenly fixed itself without me knowing how or why.


Maybe you should show your blend file. It gets quite tedious having to track you down, come round to your house, break in during the night, switch on your computer just to find out what your scene looks like.

I think it is a bug. I actually some in 2 scenes, both sharing the same smoke domain material. It was the second scene that didn’t render. I went to see if the first scene’s smoke would render and it did. I then went back to the 2nd scene and without having changed anything, it now renders.