Smoke problems...

This is what happens when i click “Domain”

Any ideas?

Which build? Can you reproduce the bug?

Try my latest build on (r29345) which has fftw3 compiled in. That’s supposed to help.

Yes. By just normally selecting the cube and click “domain”

Sculpt mode doesn’t work for me either, i get the same thing.

Alright… Honestly, i don’t think blender 2.5 works on my computer period.

… which is why the team responsible for it emphasizes, again and again and again, that it is a work in progress. This is a massive software undertaking, and it will take quite some time to stabilize. No offense: it’s merely “the nature of the beast.” The team of developers who are working on it have matters well in hand, but the task that they have embarked upon is nevertheless enormous.

So i guess i gotta wait for the finished version?

Yes, basically. If you can’t find a workaround to your problem, you’re just going to have to wait for a build that fixes it. :yes:

The simple reality here is that … “this might be one of the most ambitious evolutions of Blender yet.” It is being done carefully and thoroughly, by seasoned pros, but nevertheless it’s a huge deal. The releases that you have available to you right now are, most emphatically, Alpha.