Smoke rendering comes out skewed and offset

I’ve had this problem with the Blender Smoke sim ever since I’ve been using it (over a year now)… I feel like I’m doing something stupidly wrong and I can’t figure it out. Whenever I try and set up a smoke simulation with anything other than extremely basic settings or deviate from an online tutorial even by one step, I get completely incorrect render results. Whenever I change the cube size, either by scaling, changing it in edit mode, or applying the scale after scaling, I get completely wrong results. It looks fine in the viewport and then all goes to crap. I’ve included a .blend of what I’m working on. Maybe someone can give me some advise as to what I’m doing wrong. Thanks to anyone who offers their help!

Also, you will have to calculate the smoke sim yourself… Sorry about that…

Triptych Vapor.blend (530 KB)

I would suggest not scaling in EDIT mode, ever, as it messes with the render. Also, you can try checking the “map to bounds” box, in the mapping tab of the texture panel, and that aligns the texture to the domain.