Smoke rendering problems! Grrrrrrrr


I just followed about 3 tutorials on how to make smoke. Each time checking that I have followed them correctly. From what I can see I have followed them 100% correct.

But I am having this annoying problem when rendering the smoke.

Here are two screen shots of what it look like in the blender view and what it looks like in a render view. Note they are both the same but as you can see the render view looks nothing like the blender window view!



I’ve had trouble getting smoke to render.
it looks like the smoke isn’t getting shadows. Don’t you need to set Recieves Transparent Shadows for the material or something?..
upload a blend.

Here is the download link to the blend file

Sorry accidental post

I had a chance to download the file. I opened it, freed the bake and hit Bake. nothing happened. haven’t had a chance to poke around and figure out whats up.

One thing I did notice is that your domain is not at 1 scale in x y z scale. The tutorials I’ve seen have all said that you must not scale the domain in Object mode, that if you want a larger domain you must scale it in edit mode. Not sure if thats it.

Yep that did the trick! Thanks a lot, none of the tuts said that. None of the tuts I found did not say that but saying that none of them showed editing the box XD

Thanks again :smiley:

Yay. I’m so happy to have pointed you in the right direction. I love when I get help here!

and, while I certainly don’t understand the technical issue, it seems really stupid that you can’t scale the domain.
I know, I know, someone is going to tell me you should never scale your model outside of edit mode unless you’re animating the scale change…