Smoke renders in 'Viewport-Render" (Shift+Z), but not in Final Render (F12)

Dear BlenderArtists!

I have some strange problem, i already worked a lot with Blender and also with Smoke simulations but this seems very complicated to me.
I did a destruction animation with smoke particles, but when i render it, i don’t see any smoke, BUT when i do a “Preview-Render” (in the viewport with Shift+Z), i see the smoke.
Would be great if someone could help me, very apreicated!

Here some Pictures to show my problem.

looks like i did to much smoke and fire simulations, so my brain was a little bit overheated too. I found the solutiion, and it was really simple, i hided the domain from rendering in the outliner… But didnt see it again because i only worked in 3D space… sometimes the solution is so simple…
I asked the admins to delete this thread to avoid confusion.
Have a great weekend!