Smoke sim caught in a container

For some reason, I can’t get my smoke sim to come outside of the container. What’s going on here and how can I resolve this?

y_u_do_this_2_me_smoke_.blend (633.6 KB)

For the collider, set it to None, don’t use the smoke collision method. Instead, activate the Collision button under the Physics panel.
28_y_u_do_this_2_me_smoke_.blend (106.3 KB)


This doesn’t really help my problem. Even though the smoke is coming out of the top, it’s because the smoke isn’t even interacting with the cylinder. I modified the file you sent by rotating the cylinder onto its side to demonstrate this:
updated_28_y_u_do_this_2_me_smoke_.blend (107.2 KB)

As far as I can tell, collision doesn’t occur to smoke:
smoke_collision_example.blend (617.6 KB)

I think your first example is actually working, but the velocity of the smoke flow generation is not great enough to escape the container. If you add a particle system to the emission cube and use the particle system for the smoke flow, the collision is detected. This way you enable the Collision button for the particles and the Smoke Collision for the generated flow.

28_y_u_do_this_3_me_smoke_.blend (1016.1 KB)

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