Smoke Sim. Explosion, .blend included

I’ve had great success in using the smoke simulator to make a great looking gasoline explosion (the big hollywood-style fireball explosion).

…and as promised, the almighty .blend file is attached. You will need the build that allows for initial velocity of smoke based on particle velocity. Specifically, I used this build:

What I’ve done is run the smoke sim (with high res), but in addition to the smoke texture, I’ve added two cloud textures to affect the density and emission even further and their offsets are based on the positions of two empties. This just adds a bit more finer detail to the explosion to make it look less fluid-like and more fire-like. It makes it look like an explosion on a larger scale rather than say… a lighter being flicked on in slow motion.

Enjoy! :smiley:


ExplosionTest2.blend (163 KB)

wow, that looks awesome!

+1 Wow, just had a play and love the use of the cloud textures for additional detail. Great idea.

I must be going mad. I keep hearing that WOOSH sound when I look at the animation. It very well done (no pun intended).

Thanks guys!

@3pointEdit: What do you mean by +1? :confused:

+1 means i agree

Ah, thanks.

1 word… amazing :slight_smile:

very nice…well done and thanks for the blend…

Wonderful, thanks a lot for the blendfile

No problemo. :cool: <-- I put my shades on :wink:

Grate work, thank’s for blend!

I tried your .blend file on a newer build from, one that has the alpha1 splash screen. It works. Thank you for the example.

yet another voice saying…
great work!

Is there a resource out there for smoke sims in blender at all? ie blend files…

looks good

In your gif I can see the bounding box, not sure what’s causing that.