Smoke sim from blender internal to eevee


Some days ago i created a project under blender 2.79 which involves a fire simulation.
I am using a domain and a flow “fire”

On blender 2.79, i am using Blender Internal as render engine, which is enough for my needs and skills.

Then i wanted to go a bit further and test the new blender version so i switched to blender 2?8 beta today.
I was then forced to use Eevee or Cycles.

Everything seems ok, but i am unable to render an image : all i got is an empty image !

Here is what i did :

  • i open the blender 2.79 project under blender 2.8
  • i save it to a new file
  • i am baking the physics : fire simulation i showing on the viewport
  • i am switching to nodes to build my material for the domain
  • i am switching to eevee and option “volumetric” is ticked on the render page

Then : nothing renders… only a void image…

I then deleted everything inside the project and started to build a very simple sim with a sphere and used the quick smoke sim feature… same problem.

Strange enough : i did recreate this simple example from scratch in a new project under blender 2.8 and everything seems fine…

Is there anything buggy in my .blend file from my 2.79 project ?

Here is what it looks like

Here you can grab my sample project (which doesn’t work)

Thanks a lot

Hope it help