Smoke Sim Problem - Domain Cube Renders

I’ve got a frustrating problem here for which I’m sure there is a simple solution :smiley:

I’m trying to make a simple fire, but the smoke simulator is giving me problems. When I try to render a frame, the bounding box renders. I have played around with the smoke simulator and it seems that even after taking the same steps to create a scene, the domain cube may or may not show up in the final render.


Thanks, Regan

with smoke and fire the material and texture of the domain are critical
you need to set the material type of the domain to “volume”
then set the density to zero (this is the step that makes it not render)
follow one of the online tutorials step by step and you should be good to go

You could also set the texture to multiply and keep the density at whatever you like.


that’s a new trick to me
tried it and saw it work
nice option, I’ll have to play with it

Thanks for the replies. There’s one roadblock out of the way!

Now that I have that done, I’ve run into another problem. The smoke doesn’t show up in front of objects. You can only see it against the sky. This is true in the preview window and render.

After this I swear I’ll get out of your hair :wink: