Smoke Simulation for a Rocket Launch

Hey everyone
I’m trying to make a smoke trail for my animation of the launch of the Apollo 11 Flight. I know everything I need for the smoke simulation, except after many hours of experimentation, I can’t get the effect I want.

The video I’m animating off is here:

Please help n telling me what settings I need to apply.

Have you seen this video?
its great for reference

I have been looking at rocket animation as well. Apollo is little different. Rocket smoke trail is dark and fuzzy. This is do to the fact that Apollo first stage fuel is Oxygen and kerosene. It is basically a kerosene burner. So the flame part should look like this:

For the smoke, the combustion is quite complete. So you don’t see too much dark smoke there. You can keep it somewhat translucent. You need to eject smoke at the same speed as thruster flame. Trick is to slow them down to a stop and expanding as it trails the rocket.

Thanks, ldh1109. That was a good video. It explained a lot of the controls.

This seems to be a popular subject.

I’ve been trying to do the Falcon 9. One thing I was hoping to do was to simulate the exhaust tunnel on the launch pad and rebound the smoke off the walls of the tunnel and shoot them out the end of the tunnel. So far, no luck. It goes down, but doesn’t have any force after that.