Smoke simulation from object with holes

Hey guys, I need help. I’m trying to make an image of a pumpkin with a pink glow coming from it and smoke pouring out of the pumpkin. I’ve attached a few images to show what’s happening.

Smoke Render:

Render without smoke:

3d Viewport:

3d Viewport Wireframe:

Smoke Domain Settings:

Smoke Flow Object Settings:

The pumpkin smoke collision settings:

I’m basically trying to get the smoke to fill the pumpkin, and pour out of the eyes. Unfortunately, I can’t figure out how to get the smoke to do that. I’ve tried placing a wind force field and I haven’t seen it actually do anything. I’ve also tried a turbulence force field and I’m not sure what I’m seeing it do either. You can see from the render above, that the smoke has like 3-4 small little “fingers” of smoke coming out of the mouth, but i’d like to have more smoke coming out of the mouth, and possibly some out of the eyes and nose. Anyone have an idea that I can try?


Try placing a particle system inside the pumpkin. Particle flow works well with the Smoke system. For the Smoke Flow object choose the emitter, but instead of accepting the default of Mesh, switch it to use the Particle System. Set the collision state for both the physics particle system and smoke collision. With both physics systems colliding with the same set of mesh candidates.
279_pumpkin.blend (2.3 MB)

Oh that looks awesome.

I didn’t see your response until now. I ended up doing a sphere instead of a circle/plane as the emitter and it actually worked better, though not as awesome looking as your particle emission smoke.