Smoke simulation is twitching

I’m trying to make a vulcano in Blender, with smoke and particles and such.
but my smoke animation is twitching weird in place and i dont know why…

Eventhough its still a WIP, I would like to know how to fix the smoke!

At a glance I would say an FPS mis-match is taking place.


did you cache the simulation?!

rendering with Motionblur ?

Might be, but where to adjust?!

I did cache the simulation and it does have motion blur, i’ve put cache type to ‘all’. Should it be modular because of the motion blur?

no that’s good too,

do you do with the images what in comp or is that pure out of blender rendered

Persitant data is deselected?

And how many samples does the simulation have
maybe render a few images without motionblur as a test .