Smoke simulation render problem


I am playing around with the smoke simulator, and made some effects that I think looks cool. But when I try to render it I see the domain box, not the smoke. I have tried making the box transparent but then I only see the “flow object”. How do I render it correctly???

you need to set the domain object material to volume and turn density down to 0 and set the texture to voxel Data. in the voxel data panel select the domain object as the domain cube and influence check the density check box.

Is there a way to do it i Cycles?

No, Not until volumetrics is added to cycles.

you just have to render with internal renderer and add it in compositing stage

(I know I sound like a noob now) How do I do that?

Render your smoke in your scene in BI as a series of PNGs set to RBGA. Render shadow pass as well. In a separate file with the same geometry render everything else without the fire/smoke in Cycles, putting flickering lamps where the fire would be. Then, in the compositor, add your Cycles footage, then load the PNG sequence for your fire/smoke and then your shadows. Multiply the shadow pass, and alpha over the fire/smoke pass.

Ok, thank you! Will try that