Smoke simulation

Hey Guys,
I’m losing my mind here. I’ve gone through 5 tutorials on smoke and not matter what I do or which version of blender I use the smoke never shows up in the simulation, just particle icons moving around a cube or plane. Now this may be a stupid questions but its driving me nuts because every tutorial is like 3 steps and I’ve accomplished way more difficult things much easier. Is there something that isn’t clicked to show the preview? Fluids work just fine just not smoke. Thanks

To check if your system can wok with the smoke simulation, select the default cube, press space bar and search for smoke. Select Quick Smoke. Then Alt+A to run the simulation. You should see smoke.

I almost always start with the quick smoke. It sets up a basic smoke simulation that is easily modified.

i got the same problems, i sell only the particles but no smoke :S
In the small box of Blender came just this : Could not allocate 3D texture for 3D View smoke drawing.

I dont know why i doesnt work. My Graphic Carddrivers already the latest.

Didn`t find any help about this problem at the page? Does no one know how i can fix this?

that error message sounds like your graphics card doesn’t like blender.

can you just not see it in the viewport? does it render? does it simulate (or seem to)?

i imagine it only uses the graphics card to draw in the viewport, it probably uses the cpu to do all the calculating. if i am right aout that, you should still be able to render the smoke (albeit with difficulty, working blind and all!) alternatively you could download a working blend file, bake the simulation and see if it renders. or try another computer :stuck_out_tongue:

could not allocate 3d texture for 3d view smoke drawing, draws swap exchange

I’m also facing this situation
but my system config… is
i7 CPU
windows 7- 32 bit
4gb ram
Nvidia GeForce GTS 250 (1gb)
any one ve any solution… for this

smoke render, but work in 3d view…

I cannot see the Smoke in Viewport and it doesnt render :frowning:

Maybe your graphics card is not good enough. Who knows since you haven’t supplied any useable information for anyone to help you.
If doing what I say in post 2 does not work, then get a better card or use some other way for smoke.

I will look if i find a good and cheap graphic card.