Smoke trail fire?

i followed a vid tut and cannot get the fire to appear in viewport
here is test file in 2.9 not the latest version

smoke-trail-2.9-1.blend (167.7 KB)

can some one point out how to see the flame in viewport

thanks for feedback

happy bl

It works fine for me if i rebake the sim. I guess your sim cache is lost / damaged.
BTW you have choosen only smoke for the inflow.

i change for smoke and fire
but still cannot see any color in viewport for fire
is this normal
or only visible in render ?

when i render it i still don’t see fire

any idea how to see some flames or fire with smoke ?

happy bl

try toggling around in the different cache modes. I’ve found sometimes the smoke sim just does nothing, but clicking around the cache modes (replay/modular/full) can bring it back.

It does seem to be a bit hit and miss, though.

i know that my video card is very old
so might be because of that vintage card

will try to do a quick fire and see if it works

happy bl