smoke trail

Started playing with this again last night, I’ve always really wanted volumetrics, mainly for this purpose.
I’m not done yet, but I found it worth posting.

green background is mainly for opacity testing. I have a full animation, but I’m not gonna bother to post it until I’ve made further progress.

ps. Can you guess the inspiration?:wink:

hoohoo kewl
looks like jet engine exhaust

Not bad, but what it really needs is to fade out at the end…

I agree, at the end it should disperse more and fade out.


Oh yeah, the flame/smoke fx were amazing in that… I totally forgot about that film…
Wonder how he did it…

yep, that’s the inspiration.

I know about the whole fading out, i was just leaving that in for myself at the time. It’s just a matter of timing the alpha IPO for the end of the trail. I’ve gotten a few different looks of smoke, but I’m running into the problem of the halo rotating to face the camera. depending on the position of the camera and the trail, and the path of the trail it can come out looking like crap. I’ll post pics on that later.

I really need to figure out how to get the texture offset to react over time. as of now it won’t change, even though the halosize and alpha will.

Also on the list is figuring out a better lighting method.

look at >
look to the settings for the fade out.