Smoke Tutorial Not Working

I am sure you have all heard of the tutorials for smoke and fire simulation at cgtuts+.

I took them both. None worked. I have followed this guys directions EXACTLY and every time only the particle system is visible. No smoke. Can someone help me?

I am using version 2.5 alpha 2 for Mac OS X 10.4 PPC


Here is the blend (The blend is for tutorial 2)


untitled.blend (110 KB)

Link to tutorial ?
Link to your blend file ?
Are you using the same blender version as the tutorial ?

I apologize for the lack of information. The first post has been edited.


You can try out

This is a pretty recent video tutorial that I enjoyed watching.

Nope. Nothing. No smoke in the 3D viewport, and when I hit render, the domain is rendered as a solid object. What’s going on?

Just downloaded the latest build for me:


Still does not do anything.


Well this sucks. :no:

Did a quick test with your file and r29458 Mac OS X 10.5 Intel

Smoke both in the viewport and render.

Did you test your file against the official Alpha2?

The wah? Where would I find this?

Sorry, Alpha2 I mean…

OOOhhhh. You mean the one on the blender website!

no… I will, though.

Nope. Still nothing in the viewport… although the smoke looks like this:

Which I SERIOUSLY doubt is correct…


That ain’t smoke, you see halo particles there. Did you try to Load the Factory Settings (the file menu or cmd+N)?

nothing. I started from scratch and it still does not show in the viewport and renders the domain as a solid object…

Could someone post me their own file of smoke?

Ok, here are mine:

I realldy dunno whats wrong here - maybe you have raytracing disabled by default (blender smoke needs raytracing)? Did you try to download a fresh alpha2 and load the factory defaults?

I tried both files. Nothing. I checked and raytracing was enabled. I re-downloaded 2.5-alpha 2 and tried them. Nothing.


So what do I do?

Try it from different computers. Step by step find out where it works and where it doesn’t. It’s tedious but should get you to a working sim…

Alright. Thanks, Raub. And, as I understand, you wrote these tutorials!
Thanks a lot! You are doing the community a great favor!-YA

:eyebrowlift: sigh :eyebrowlift: