Smoke unaffected by enviromental lighting in cycles

Quick question: is smoke affected by environmental and indirect lighting in cycles?
I wonder since when I can’t seem to make my smoke affected by enviromental lighting, and it doesn’t seem to be lit by the light the sorrounding objects reflect either (indirect lighting).
Am I missing any setting?

Anyone know?

I can’t reproduce this here, everything’s working as expected… can you post a blend file with the problem?

ps: probably it’s dued to a low or null value of light path bounces for volumes…

You are supposed to switch on MIS for a World.

YESSSS!!! That made the job with the enviromental lighting, but I still can’t get it to work with indirect lighting.

Oh, and here is the .blend file: Smoke.blend (652 KB)

Since the ground plane has a glossy shader it should lit up the underside of the smoke, but it doesn’t. You can compare the result if you switch the smoke with to a UV sphere, which will lit up.


Smoke.blend (648 KB)

you need to set the Light Path Bounces for the Volumes higher than 0. But remember, the light reflected by the glossy plane will be difficult to converge, specially with volumetrics around, so prepare for lots of noise and render times.

Are you serioisly saying I would be such an idiot to leave the volume light bounces at 0 and expect it to render?
Well, then you are correct :o:o:o

Thanks for everything!