Smoke with Cycles Render


I’m trying to create a smoke effect to go with one of my images. I would like to know how to setup the materials and lighting so that i can render this with my cycles image.

Is there a test build that includes volumetric shading (catch: I need to do strands in the same image).

If not, how do i go about adding the volumetric effect from blender internal and then composite that into my cycles image and make sure that it effects the shadows correctly?


Just create copy of your scene (top menu) in blender internal and render out volumetric stuff with a shadow pass. then combine both renders (cycles and internal) in node editor.
Depending on your scene it can be easy or troublesome (if you use complicated lighting in your cycles render).

The problem is the smoke will be in close proximity to a highly reflective car. I would expect some of the colour to be affected by the transmission through the smoke.

That being said… if all else fails i will make it work.

Going to ask a different question, as i think i have an answer. Thanks for the help.