Smoke with Particles in Blender 2.46

Hello to all

I’m currently working on a project which requires a smoke effect …
considering that the rest of the project has been done in blender I was hoping to this using the particle System … although I can’t seem to find any doc’s on doing this in Blender-2.46
… and the tutorials and manuals that I can find are all based in 2.45 which has a different button/panel layout for particle systems …

I’ve created a icoSphere as the emitter … how do I activate the particle emissions?

Is there any documentation about particles for smoke relevant to 2.46?

I’m totally lost


Settings look okay to me.

Have you run the animation in the 3d view (alt-A), stepped through the preceding frames or baked to generate the particles?

Thanks for that! Voila

so simple

… next thing for me is to apply wind on triggered moment.
ie. book page turns and creates small gust of wind … (actually I hope to generate the smoke so it appears to come from the book, and when the page turns clear the smoke with the wind hypothetically generated from the page turning)

I’ve got a global acceleration force being applied along the z access … so how do I trigger a change in this force … or do apply another external force … if so how? Using what method?

Guess I gotta look up wind now!

Thanx again for the tip!

Create an empty.
Set it’s fields to wind. (F7 then press the physics sub-context button)
Press the I-Key while the mouse is over the “Strength” parameter to insert a keyframe. This way you can animate the strength of the wind at any given point in time.

That worked beautifully Atom … thankyou!

Have you got any tips towards creating a wisp of smoke style effect?