Smoke won't move with animated mesh

Hey, I’m working on a skeleton covered in black smoke for a short film. i have it rigged, but when i go to pose or animate, the mesh moves as normal but the smoke stays behind as if i hadn’t moved anything. when I tab back to edit mode the skeleton is in the non posed form.

anyone know how to link the two, or have a solid work around?

Thanks guys.

This is absolutely intended: when editing the armature, it will always be in the “default”, non posed mode. Otherwise an extra pose mode would be unnecessary :slight_smile:

This is not intended. I created a quick test setup (build a small character, rigged it and slapped some keyframes on it) and it worked as expected - the smoke (and smoke emission) followed the character.

Did your skeletion has enough faces (or volume) to emit smoke? Did you checked your smoke settings (maybe you’re using an outdated bake, …)?

Yes, smoke should follow a mesh animated by an armature.
Maybe your set-up does not respect correct order of modifier.
Influence of armature have to be taken into account before modifier that qualifies the mesh as a smoke emitter.
So, you should have armature modifier = first and smoke modifier = second.

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