(PlantPerson) #1

How do I make good smoke for a steam engine in my game?

(Pooba) #2

Use Gimp or Photoshop or some other program to make a smoke texture with an alpha texture for transparancy, then make a plane, align the plane so that teh face is facing in the same direction as the x axis, and go into the paint/face buttons and make sure halo and alpha is selected. Then use an add object acuator to add it.


(wiseman303) #3

You forgot something Pooba, the plane has to be aligned with the NEGATIVE x axis. It’s not a big deal though, if your halos dissapear, just go into edit mode, select all vertices, press W and choose ‘flip normals’.

(PlantPerson) #4

The add actuator isn’t working! The plane I set up to add the smoke just…sits there. I see no smoke, though the plane with halo is working perfectly. I know the datablocks are connected: Always-And-Add Object.

:x Please Help! :x

(OTO) #5

The plane must be on a non active layer.
Just place it in other layer