how do i get a sort of airplane trail smoke thing.

Take a look at CogFilms’ tutorials. He’s got one on smoke.

yeah but cogs method is for renders, not the game engine, get an alpha mapped texture of smoke, then have an add object actuator to add the plane of smoke, it takes some playing around with. if you add alpha ipos to make the smoke slowly turn invisible it turns out pretty good

Add a plane in a different layer with your smoke texture and name it

Add an empty where you want the smoke to come from and go into the logic bricks of that empty. From there, add your bricks:

Always-----And-----Edit Object (Add Object)

In add object, type in the name of the plane and how many frames you want it to stay for. It may come out kind of weird so you may want to double side texture the plane and flip it around if it doesn’t work, or you could just enable Billboard under mesh options when in UV Edit Mode.

Hope that made sense :stuck_out_tongue: .

You can do this using Logic Bricks

Edit Object – Then Add Object

Like :
QNev Said :stuck_out_tongue: Really Simple but once you understand it or know how to do it u’ll be happy :wink:


here’s another tip:

Try to use a format that supports transparency like .png for your smoke texture. I’ve had plenty of times where I get frustrated to find out that the alpha channel dosnt work right in the GE and its because the texture has no support for it.

Good luck = )

Yeah, PNG is good. Another thing you could do is use a 50% grey texture and instead of using transparency, use “Add”. It should use up less memory. There is no texture channel needed because it determines transparency based on black and white values.

Heres a little somthing i made, is this what you mean?

Smoke Test