I,ve been trying to make a smoke trail in blender but i think i found a bug in the particle system i tried animating a object emitting object particles moving along the x axis but for some reason the emitted object particles always move along the y axis as well and most of the time they dont show up in the render at all the other particle types dont seem to have this problem has anyone else had this problem and do you know if this is a bug or is something i could fix with the right settings.

see what i mean

The only bug Ive had is that when I try parenting a particle system to some small object(Like a cube, to be used as dupliverts), teh emitter always disappears(even when the ‘render emitter’ button is on), and no matter what I do, I cant bring it back(even duplicating the object and turnig off the particle system, it refuses to render anything but the duplivert particles. This is in static mode btw)

So I dunno, thats really odd.

As for the smoke, it looks really amazing, Id love to see this animated. Shader?

can u post the particles and material settings? It looks amazing!

hhmmm there seem like there is something wierd going with the particle system in the svn builds and it seems to be even worse in the most recent builds
if i can get this fixed i´ll post an animation and maybe a blend

Best Smoke Tutorial is here
My Smoke is here

I really like that fluffy/solid look. Is that a metaball? Please post a material screen.

Did I mention please?

yes please tell how you did that that looks awesome

man, I think he’s got you beat.

I was working on something similar, but decided to wait for the particle patch to resume, and now am working on something entirely different.

Really good, .blend/settings/tutorial? would really be appreciated.

(47second rendertime isn’t bad at all.)