Hi all:)
My latest personal project, just for fun, made in Blender 2.71, rendered in Cycle.
Some postpro in Photoshop ( smoke + color)
Hope you like it :wink:

Holy crap. Awesome. There really isn’t a single thing I would change.

Very expressive character. Good job

Great creativity, and a fine job on everything. Well done!

Love it, so creative and awesome!

5 stars! Great character, and render! :slight_smile:

Very nice character, overall is a excellent work!

I vote for gallery!

This is awesome

very good idea and execution

Awesome result man, the concept and the realisation is pretty well done

Thank you all.
Nice to read and I really appreciate your opinions!

Wow I absolutely love the idea behind this picture! very creative :slight_smile:

Seriously impressed, great work.

Excellent !!! five stars for me.

wonderful! beautiful colors, fun concept, very new ideas that work well together. perfect in all ways! :slight_smile: i give 5 stars :slight_smile:

Love it!!! especially because of the concept. it’s awesome. And you have made it great.


This is awesome, great job dude!

I saw this one right after you posted it. Not surprised at all to see it hit the top row. Well Done.

I Like the little things i didn’t see at first, like the horn and wiper blades for eye brows, and putting your initials in license plate.