Smokey problem

I’m working on a small project, a flaming ball of fire is suppose to appear from the horizon and then dissappear and then a cloud of smoke in the form of a mask appears in it’s stead, gradually the smoke clears and the mask is seen and moves to the side. What I’m having trouble with is the smoke, the emitter is an invisible copy of the mask that is seen in the picture, after the fire goes out it’s animated into frame and start baking the smoke. When the smoke dissappears I animate the invisible mask that emits the smoke out of the frame. But as you can see the boundary remains, the cube and also a freezed frame of smoke in the background. Odd thing is that the fake mask that is animated out of the frame also has it’s boundary following it, but a copy of the boundary stays. Look at the second picture, two identical boundaries for the invisible mask that is to the right. That the fake boundary remains isn’t a huge issue, but the smoke in the freezed smoke frame in the background is, any idea how to solve this?:slight_smile:

It looks like a cache problem, do you have enough frames into the cache to allow the smoke disappearing? Also if you wanna workaround the problem, just animate the smoke material to became transparent at the end of the smoke animation!
Let us know

Ah yes had to bake another frame, thanks. :wink: