(Bapsis) #1

Hey all,

Well, here is some more gruesome footage of me and more partical effects. It’s divx, 892kb.
I think i need to work on the fire to make it look more realistic, whatz your word on that or anything else?


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(BgDM) #2

Man, I thought that was SKPjason there for a second. :wink: Smokin a big fatty.

Nice job. Again, I think you need to play with the alpha setting on the halo texture. Have you also applied the cloud procedural to the particles halo? This helps make it look better as well. Particles can be a bugger at times. You just gotta keep playing with them.

Keep up the good work.


(ndnchief) #3

I went on to try and look at your MasterPiece, And your Host said you have exceeded the 20 Meg a day transfer quota. Man that sucks, after 20 meg transferred in a day they cut you off till tommarrow? Man now I seen it all… Having a free website sometimes is a headache, they are getting worse and worse as time goes on… Im glad I dont have one.

NDNChief, Saddened , not able to see AVI!!!

(Bapsis) #4

Sorry about that Cheif, i must addmit tho im mighty supprised. The only in my account at that server is just 2 avi files, one is 500k the other is 900k, so there must have been heaps and heaps of downloads.
But, i appologies to you Sir, and just recomend that you try again another day. :wink:
BgDM, yeah, im really just starting to get down with the particle engines, so its all new tricks for this old dog!!! :wink: It’z alot of fun tho, so i’ll definatly try out your suggestions and keep on trying for more realistic looking stuff.


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(ndnchief) #5

There is always Tommarrow, as long as I beat the 20 meg rush. LOL. I need to get my site together I guess, and up and running. Nothing there except some newbie pics and avi. I am proud of the last scene picture though. Havnt done anything since then except learn new stuff on blender and test out how things work. Am starting a simple game tommarrow. Ill check out your Oscar caliber work tommarrow…

NDNChief, Forum Groupie, WOW, just today… LOL