Here’s the latest test with particles in 246.

It is based (again) on CoyHot’s tutorial, but the complete setup for particles and nodes is a bit more complex. This clip uses Voodoo Camera Tracker too.

Great smoke and looking real.

great smoke!!! tutorial?

Thanks for the comments!

As for the tutorial, I’m planning and doing some research for a new one, but I’m not so sure how much it will cover this one.

The smoke in this one was based on CoyHot’s tutorial, which can be found in BlenderArt Magazine’s issue #16: Main differences to that tutorial’s smoke were couple more displace+mix nodes and that the particles were affected by external forces, varying winds. Other difference was that the particles’ opacity was fading with tiled texture over particles’ age.

Hmm…nice looking smoke. Just a little tip bout somethin I do when I composite 3d over live. Put a “Blur” node after the output of the smoke animation and set it to 1,2,3,4, or 5, (1, or 2 works best but since it’s smoke 3,4, or 5 would probably work too) then connect it to the “Mix” or “Alpha Over node”

Actually, there is blur node for smoke only, but maybe it needs to be on higher value… noise might help too, but didn’t use it in this one yet. Thanks for pointing out what I need to focus on next time.

Not bad at all. Blender part seems much sharper and better than original footage. So yes your CG is better then reality :slight_smile:

Well I like the smoke but I love the camera match! How did you do that? Great tracking.


Tracking was made with Voodoo Tracker, which can export the data to Blender.

Thanks for the comments!