Smoking a Cigarette

The character in my 3D, Black & White, Film Noir, short film needs to smoke cigarettes. Any suggestions?

So far I haven’t found any tutorials on smoking or cigarette ash progression. I need to see him smoking, not just the smoke coming off of the burning cigarette. Does anyone know of any addons out there that have this built-in? (I can dream).

I’m trying to get a handle on all of the special effects that are in the script. The story calls for several weather effects, a character smoking, a drop of liquid slowly forming, and a slow-motion explosion. I’d like to start testing concepts while I’m still developing the look of the film. I’d at least like to work out a plan for them.

I also need to figure out how to stage a couple of shots that will be filmed in reflections. (Not sure if that would be considered an SPFX shot or not).


I’d suggest that you begin by planning each of the shots which show the character smoking, so that you can determine exactly how realistic the effect needs to be. For instance, it’s probably pointless to worry about “ash.” Maybe a glow at the end of the cig, maybe some particle smoke rising – or maybe he turns away off camera and a little smoke is all you really need to sell the shot. This is probably a fairly incidental part of the action which doesn’t demand a great deal of attention. As long as we understand that “the character is smoking,” you’re good. Keep it as simple as possible.