Smoking is bad for my health

I am doing the ‘Realistic smoke in Blender’ tutorial in Blender Arts Magazine 16. I draw a mask in UV/Image Editor (steps 13 to 17). When I pack, it says:
“Can’t pack painted image. Use repack as PNG?”
I click OK. Then I can’t get the image from the shading buttons panel.
What am I doing wrong?:spin:


I don’t know if I misunderstood you, but first you have to create a new texturechannel in the texturebuttons, then assign the image to the channel and after that you can choose the texture in the shadingbuttons.


To be certain that I understand what you’re saying, can you tell me how to create a new texture channel? The reason is that I’m relatively new to Blender and I want to know what buttons you are referring to. I suppose you are referring to the new texture button. If so what type of texture would I use? Image? How would I go from there to the UV/Image Editor to make sure that the UV/Image is properly integrated into the proper texture?

I just had a look at the tut you’re doing.
You had created texturechannels before in Step 10.
In the shadingbuttons there is a texturepanel, click the add new button and name the channel.
After that you change in the texturebuttons, this is the small leopardskinbutton in the header.
There you can select your newly created channel and press the add new button to assign the texture. In the TextureTypeMenu you choose image and the there are some new panels popping up, where you can select your earlier packed image. The Button left to the Load-selector.
If there are more Problems like This, you could do some less advanced Tutorials, to get familiar with the Interface and structure.

Hope this helps; Pat

Actually I’m helping a friend who doesn’t speak very good English.
You can see his work here for the first version:
and here for the second, reworked version:
He’s quite good. He has wind for his flag and now he would like smoke to come out of the chimneys.
Your post was helpful and helped us go forward … until the next block, which should occur at the bake stage.