smoking is bad for your health!

thanks for the constructive comments Serialsiner and Krayon
really really much appreciated…
anyway here’s an update… am still applying a UV map on the floor. need more tweaking…


Yea! You need shadows… or at least a Oclusion efect to give some weight to the objects.
The concept and idea it’s a winner :wink:
The crumpled packet looks real, good work :yes:

Thanks Sir Rogper for the suggestions and for the kind and encouraging words,
actually i intend to do or apply / cast shadow, am having trouble with it though, i just can’t figure out why there’s no shadow everytime I render it… :frowning:
am doin an experiment right now, i do hope it’ll turn out the way I planned it to be…

i’ll post an updated render once am done…

i think am done with this piece, haven’t got a chance to put some snow :(, lack of time i suppose, been busy workin’ and i only got 30 min - 1 hour to do some personal work, just like this one.
i tried playing with the lights and this 2 renders are what i came up with.
anyway, C&C are very much welcome and appreciated…

but i’d love to do more! everytime i see some wicked works, renders, 3d still, and it really inspires me…
this is my second finished piece, more to come!

i really love blender!


Why would anyone piss around with a hammer when there is a nice concrete wall right there? Looks good though.

Thanks Rozzy.
ahihi, that’s the idea of it, why bother throwing the bottle if there’s a hammer? you can break the bottle with no extra energy exerted. :slight_smile:
anyway, i just made this one up just for fun… and am pretty happy with the outcome.

I like the warmer one :wink:
I agree it is final, it looks ok and there’s no serius problem. The lightiing is nice, the textures all look ok, there’s shadows to give weight to the objects… nice work, it’s time to move on to the next project :yes:

thanks ROGPER, you’re really a big help to me. yap, you’re right, it’s time for a 3rd project, i want to aim a realistic render, but my mac really spoils it all, i only have a 1.8ghz processor and 1gb memory. and if i render one (realistic render) it’ll take me 12 hours - 1 day. whew, oh well, it will not stop me from creating more projects. hihi