Smoking Kills

I am starting a short animation about a talking cigarette, entitled
‘Smoking Kills’.
It will be a very cartoon style animation. Here is a render of Ciggy 99% completed:
I know pretty much nothing about animation in Blender. Im tryin to learn the NLA stuff and Actions, but the tutes are not very helpful:mad:
Oh well. For now I will just be animating him as I go along. It will still get the job done:). L8rz ppl.

Good idea to make talking cigarette.make it real(not cartoon) rendering.Select any good scene or background for animation and you can offer for for TV or any comercial thing for money…it’s very actual. if you try make cartoon is good for small kids to stop them smoking.
My idea: in animation the cigarette can show any pictures from infected lugs or tooth :slight_smile:
good luck.

I somehow got the distinctive feeling that making a realistic scene is somewhat harder ;).

…and if you try to be realistic, you have to go the full way. Nothing uglier than half-done realism.

i think it would work better as a cartoon, but right now i think the cigarette should be longer, and the textures brighter. pretty much well done for the simplicity other than that though.

I agree keep it cartoony :smiley:

Yeah, keep it cartooney.

I really love the style of your model, and I can’t wait to see how this progresses. When I saw your model my first reaction is “He needs to model some arms so that he can yield a couple of uzis and go on a rampage” :slight_smile:

thnx ppl! I will keep it cartoon style. I agree that the textures should be brighter, I just need to tweak the lighting and stuff.
Thanks every1 4 ur comments!

Looks like a VeggieTales character! Except that he’s not a veggie. VeggieTales characters look good with their black-interior mouths. Better than white, I think.

Perhaps Giggy would look better with a crinkly “hat” of ash, or something. (Think of how a cigarette looks after it’s been smoked for a while without the ash being tapped off.)

Makes me think of a Doonesbury character called “Mr Butts”