smoky bar.

I’m trying to capture the feel of a skanky blues bar late at night.

Here’s the image:

(the rest of the site is still in development).

Comments? I almost like the beer cans NOT having any labels. Unless I find a PBR label, I’m temped to leave them blank, maybe darken them a little more so they don’t stand out.

hey thanks for the feedback, nerds.

Ummmm… I don’t see an image here. Can you post a direct reference to the “.jpg?”

One thing to think about is that “smoky bar,” largely an atmospheric {koff,koff…} effect, can be achieved in a number of ways. Doing it with the lights is the hard way; it can also be done with compositing which is extremely fast. You design your set, put the lights down low, and inject the smokiness with a beauty-pass layer that’s composited over the others. That might even be hand drawn.

it’s a flash file. The smoke is animated with flash. Thanks for taking the time to reply though.

Took me a sec to see it was animated. Almost toonish, but it looks very good :).

First off…the nerds comment was pretty low…and I assume that it will have cost you some comments that you would have normally recieved…but hey.

couple of suggestions, if you want to capture a “skanky” feel to an image, toon shading is not the way to go. You need to grime it up a bit and make the lighting realistic…otherwise it just looks…cartoony.

The smoke is excellent, I like the execution of it :wink:


I love that smoke effect. I have to admit at first it looked too noticeable that it was repeating because the smoke travels down but the more I looked, the more natural it became. Very cool effect. How did you do the smoke?

Would it have looked any better if you had spawned a copy of the smoke stream before you faded the second out? That way you avoid the smoke travelling down.

heyyy…I like the smoke too…how’d you do it? as it turns out, I’m making a cigarette (heh, pretty basic I know, and not too original) and I want to animate some smoke…

I found the smoke in a flash demo up on just do a search, you’ll find a few, I picked the one that most looked like what I was after.

I keep flip-flopping, wondering to I want to go after a real photo or do I want to keep it cartoon/Ralph-Bakshi-esque, (being a huge fan of American Pop).

I’ll go get the photo and put it in there to see how it looks. I might roll the alpha back to half and then double the smoke running at different speeds or something, I dunno.

Thanks for the feedback, sorry I was such a whiner.

hey do any of you know if blender can export directly to flash? i am in a flash class, and my teacher keeps wanting me to do 3d stuff with flash… and i’m a hardheaded blender addict… any ways to work around it if there isnt a direct method?

You can export to VRML and then perhaps import VRML with another piece of software and then import with flash… But no there is no direct way.

true. I just got Swift3D and exporting from Blender into THAT is even shady.

This is just an image from Blender as the background.

Swift3d is nice. Thats good idea to export this models to swift.
Somebody tells me, is there any swift version for linux ?

Oh python how I do love thee. Let me count the ways…

I looked into the sflender, but finally decided against it because of the filesize and missing chunks. I wanted something that was intentionally built to go from 3D into Flash, and this sflender is close, but it’s still a shot in the dark. It’s rendering the images with a ton of jaggies instead of giving me straight curves… if I’m going to accept artwork that’s THAT sub-par, I might as well just export the movie as a bunch of jpegs, then import them all into flash, and then convert bitmaps into lines IN flash. I’ve done it, the results are better than sflender, but it took me 3 days to do 10 seconds.

So, no, python is not the answer. It’s a step, but not the total cat’s pajamas.

So you’re looking for a fast way to do this without just importing your animations as movie clips into flash? Something like SVG?

yeah. I’m limited in filesize - I design online ads, and they have to be less than 75k. Importing an animated movie into flash just isn’t doable.

I DID find this however:

Which looks really cool.