smooth audio playback in the sequencer

After doing some recent testing with the sequencer / FFMPEG, I “stumbled” onto actual smooth playback (using ALT-A). Up till now, any time I tried to play audio it was always garbled / jumpy … I just accepted it and was using it anyway for lip sync etc.

But now that I know it’s possible for smooth audio, I’m trying to figure out HOW to get it all the time ! :slight_smile:

I’m on Win XP … using latest CVS (JMS’s build, which now has FFMPeg included), have a Creative SB PCI ES1371, and a whopping 256meg of memory. … Hmm maybe I’ll try to actually run Blender by itself without a “hundred” other apps at the same time. and see if it’s a memory swapping issue :slight_smile:

As there are a lot of variables involved here (OS, hardware, Blender build), any experiences people can share here will be very helpful in trying to diagnose the problem.

I’ve been emailing with one of the developers and he say’s on his Linux box, the audio playback in the sequencer is smooth.


Audio playback has always been smooth for me except when scrubbing the frame marker when animating. Even that has become much smoother since I’ve started animating with hidden layers and with subsurf turned off.

But general ALT-A and SHIFT-ALT-A playback is always smooth, even with subsurf on (but the 3D playback is usually ‘rough’ in that case)

Blender 2.37a, 2.4, 2.41 and 2.42
Mac OSX.3.9
1.25GHz G4 (3 years old)
768Mb RAM

Ok thx.

It would be good to hear from another XP user, as the “other two” OS’s are reporting smooth sailing :slight_smile:

I suspect it’s something peculiar to my own system though. I’ll do more experimenting and “cleaning up” and see if I can get any answers.


Presumably you get smooth playback elsewhere, like Audacity and video players?