Smooth Beginner

Hi, Im using blender 2.5, and I made a “nice” cup! BUT, i cant get it real smooth.

I have used the “smooth”, and subdeform view:3 render:3. If I use subdivide it only get worse?

I have attach a picture

Sorry for my bad english!!!


Can you post the blend file, or a wireframe view of the cup in edit mode?

From what I can see, my best guess is that your subdivision surface modifier is set to “simple” instead of “catmull-clark”.

Its set to catmull-clark, I post the blend-file


mugg.blend (627 KB)

Your original mesh before subsurfing is too high poly. The large number of vertical edges interfere in making a smooth surface.
mugg1.blend (582 KB)

Ok, thanks. I have applyed all modyfiers, is there a way to fix it backwards?

Edit: No I did not applied the subsurf!

I’ve made a new one, a model of my morning-coffey-cup, and Im satisfied with the results. It took me 3-4h to fix the logo with help of UVM, haha. I supose it should take about 2 min for a novice.

Attach 2 pics, 1 of the real cup and 1 on the blender-made