"Smooth" edges, or round edges to models|

Hi all!
I posted a mech, or parts of it some time back for some feedback on my modeling and such(thanks btw :slight_smile: )
One of the tips and feedbacks, was that i needed smooth edges, or rounded edges to give the model realistic.
I’ve had a look through my blender manual 2.0 several times,and the tut lists her, and i can’t figure out how to do it.
For thos who use this technique, how do you do it? I’ve come up with to possibilities
Subsurf, but this makes blender run rather sluggish, and i can’t control it 100%, so it goes off doing random deforms on my mesh
Smooth?Personaly i’m not very fond of it(but then again, i haven’t played around asmuch with it), because it sort of takes away some of the details of the mesh

So, could you please shed some light on it?

look for Stefano’s bevel tut there: http://www.selleri.org/Blender/



hey teeth diod you got knife or rusty knif running with blender2.28?
i does not crash or quit but also only tells me that mh getselectedobject() i think. it does not cut anything.

os x blender 2.28


blender has no build in bevel tool. when you have a cube select faces extrude them by hitting press g directly move them a bit away from the cube and hit s to scale them down a bit. when you do that for example with all faces but not the top bottom face than you have build the bevel.

but this will need more work depending on the model you have.
lots of work …

so plan the model ahead and build the rounded edge from scratch.

there is one rule in the world. there are no sharp edges. even a scalpel is round! also round edges are usefull for getting highlights AND highlighted edges which increase the 3d illusion.