smooth edges where two mesh objects intersect?

hi blender world,

People use several mesh objects in one model. As with a single mesh object, you like to control the sharpness of the edges. But I can’t make soft edges where two meshes touch. You can only loopcut and subsurf one mesh!

Is there a way to have two separate meshes flow smoothly into one another subsurf style?

this would be indispensable to say the least. :eek:

Pictures please. I don’t really know what your situation is. If you are saying what I think you are saying, you need to make the two objects into one mesh, but I really am not entirely sure what you are asking.

here, I hope this helps :o

say the red square is mesh object A, a cube in profile. The blue square is mesh object B. Can you make gentle curves where the two meshes meet, like the kind depicted by the black lines? Although they are separate meshes, I want their surfaces to flow smoothly into eachother. Please say we’re not stuck with sharp corners unless we merge the meshes quad-to-quad?

The point, I’m hoping, is to maintain control of each object (so loop cuts on one don’t span both for instance) while having a subsurfed look for the whole model.

Well everything up to this point that I have learned says that yes the two objects have to be merged “quad-to-quad” if you want smoother edges. After the two objects are merged you will want to use a sub-surf modifier along with some edge loops around the edges to get a smooth, rounded edge, though I think you already know this. I’m assuming that you are relatively new to blender so I’m going to suggest that you check out if you haven’t already. This has a load of great tutorials for almost any level of experience with blender.

Is this what you were talking about?

Why don’t you just model the blue object to look like you want it to rather than looking for a one click solution.


Good point.

yes the two objects have to be merged “quad-to-quad” if you want smoother edges

wouldn’t this mean our finished models have to be one solid mesh, that is if we want soft edges between all of its components? J.W. at blender cookie told me his models are seldom only one mesh. He uses many. I want to know how he transitions between them. Thus far I haven’t been able to get an answer from him though I do appreciate his video tutorials which we all agree are extremely well done.

sorry to raise the question again …

if anyone can solve this or think of a way to achieve the effect, please post!!!

Add a plane on the face of the large cube, bridge the gap between that and the small cube, add loop cuts and scale to give the profile you want. See my previous post with an image of two separate objects that seem to merge into each other

I believe there is a shader for Max(?) that will create this appearance. Though I’ve never seen it in action.

[edit] Ah, it’s a plugin called F-edge. Sorry OT.