smooth gameblender animations

(Lord Taten) #1

I have ben for sum time now trying to work with Gameblender however with no proper docs (if anyone has a copy of that main 90 page Gameblender tutorail plz contact me plzzzz) it has ben a very long and hard road. anywase now on to the point: i see no other way to animate gameblender characters then by locking them frame by frame, but the problem is that even when i go through the frames one by one and look at them normally they look fine, but quite often as soon as i try the animation in Gameblender the (arm - leg - head) starts twitching around.

If this help this is kinda how i do my Gameblender chars: i put in all the Parts and parent them as they need to be then i hook a Main poly in the mittle and that acts as the actor i setup all the actions linked to it by locking the parts one by one into the new fram place (kinda like stop motion). Well if you can read (and make sense of all this :P) then maybie you could help me I NEED HELP BADDD. any help would be FANTASTIC.
btw: if anyone knows a place where i can get sum tutorials for gameblender plz tell me, thx again.

(OTO) #2

Your way of character animation for the GameBlender it’s not the good
one i guess

Here you have some Tuts that may help you: