Smooth groups, edge split

I whant somehow more accurately to export model with defined hard/soft edges from wings3d to blender. I create model and export it as .obj, and import .obj in Blender with smoothgroups option, and then i use EdgeSplit modefier and Subsurf. But, strange thing happen to faces when i do that, as seen on this cube… geometry is changed but faces are rendered smoothed, not solid, in spite all edges were defined as hard!
Any solution to this ?

I’m not sure what exactly you want to achieve, but try moving the subsurf modifier above the edge split one. Use the arrows near the “x” to move the modifier. Perhaps this will give you the desired result.

The modifiers are in a stack, acting one after the other, from top to bottom. If you split the edges first then you’ll subsurf various independant group of faces.
Subsurf your object unsplit, first, then use the edge split modifier on it.
You can change the order of the modifiers with the up and down arrow buttons next to the big fat X in each modifier sub-panel.


Thanks for fast reply, but still not working :(.
It shoul be shar edged, but it looks like there is no shar edges defined…
help !

If you use Edge Split before SubSurf you get 6 separated planes which get subsurfed.

If you use Edge Split after SubSurf you get a subsurfed cube with nothing left for Edge Split to split.

The behaviour is correct and logical in both cases.

I think what you want to achieve is something different: I guess you want to subsurf some edges and some to be sharp.
Remove the Edge Split modifier.
Go into edit mode, go to edge mode and select the edges to be sharp.
Press Shift-E to “crease”, i.e. to define how sharp they should be after subsurfing. 1.0 means sharp.

Actually, this works as expected. Edge split actually splits the edges so that all the six sides of the cube are now interpreted as squares with no connection in between them. Therefore they all get subsurfed individually. At least this is my theory.

What you need is to use Edge Creases - select the edges in Edit mode and hit Shift+E -> set to +1.
Although I don’t see a reason to subsurf and then set everything sharp again…

EDIT: Eh, too slow…Inmare said the same thing >XD

Yes, crease works, thanks much, both of you!
But sadly, I hoped somehow to import hard and soft edges definition from Wings 3d, which I use for modelling… this way I must count that I will crease edges in Blender…
Though, will work for now… :spin: